Travelling in Ireland

Road in KerryTravelling in Ireland is both fun and safe, throughout the country. We drive on the left and have good quality motorways but country roads do abound if you want to go exploring.
We have included a few useful hints and tips below when staying in Northern Ireland (NI) or Ireland (IE). Also, don’t forget, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and therefore follows the UK road laws, telephone system and address post codes.

In Northern Ireland, the police are call the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).
In Ireland, the police are called the Garda Síochána.
The emergency number in Northern Ireland is 999 but the European 112 also works.
The emergency number in Ireland is 112.

Gluten Free Venues in Transit Points

To find a venue offering gluten free foods inside an airport, port or other transfer point click here.


Land line calls within Northern Ireland, the code is 028 (xxxx xxxx).
Land line calls within Ireland, the code is  0xx (xxx xxxx).

To call a Northern Ireland number using a mobile or from abroad the code is UK +44 28 (xxxx xxxx)
To call an Ireland number using a mobile or from abroad the code is Ireland +353 xx (xxx xxxx)


(County Antrim)
Belfast City Airport
Belfast International Airport
Cork Airport

(County Londonderry)
Derry Airport
Donegal Airport
Dublin Airport
Kerry International Airport
Ireland West Airport Knock

(County Mayo)
Galway Airport
Shannon Airport

(County Clare)
Sligo Regional Airport
Waterford Regional Airport


  • Belfast (County Antrim) to Douglas (Isle of Man), Birkenhead (England), Stranraer (Scotland).
  • Cork (County Cork) to Roscoff (France).
  • Dublin to Douglas (Isle of Man), Holyhead (Wales), Birkenhead, Liverpool (England).
  • Dun Laoghaire (Dublin to Holyhead (Wales).
  • Larne (County Antrim) to Cairnryan, Stranraer, Troon (Scotland).
  • Rosslare (County Wexford) to Pembroke and Fishguard (Wales), Roscoff, Cherbourg-Octeville, Le Havre (France).


Bus & Rail Travel

Buses in Ireland:
Buses & Railways in Northern Ireland:
Railways in Ireland:
Belfast – Dublin uses the Enterprise service:


NI: Pounds Sterling £ (GBP)
IE: Euros € (EUR)

Weights, Measures and Distances

NI & IE Food products: Metric; milligrams (mg), grams (g), kilos (k).
Occasional foods can still be found in imperial measurements; ounces (oz), pounds (lbs), stone (st).

NI Roads: Imperial; Miles (m), yards (y) and inches (in).
IE Road: Metric; Kilometers (km), meters (m) and centimeters (cm).

NI Speed Limits – Miles Per Hour (MPH)

Cars & Motorcycles: mph – (Km/h)
Built-up Areas:           30mph (48)       (May be 20mph (32) in central Belfast)
Single Carriageways: 60mph (96)
Dual Carriageways:    70mph (112)
Motorways:                70mph (112) 

IE Speed Limits – Kilometers Per Hour (Km/H)

Cars & Motorcycles: km/h – (mph)
Urban areas:           50km/h (31)
Regional roads:       80km/h (50)
National roads:       100km/h (62)
Motorways:             120km/h (75)

Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Ireland Tourist Board