About Gluten Free Ireland

Christina and Derek Thompson

Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”
(NIV – John Ch 6 v 35 )

 As you’re reading this page we’ll assume you are probably:
  • intending to travel to or within the island of Ireland and are either:
  • Coeliac (Celiac – either spelling works for us) or
  • Gluten Intolerant
  • married to a Coeliac or
  • the parents of Coeliac children.

If so, this is the site for you to find where to stay and eat safely and in the company of people who recognise and understand the Coeliac condition!

We all know that coming to terms with Coeliac Disease and coping at home is difficult enough but when you give control of your food preparation over to a complete stranger life can become that little bit more stressful!

My wife, Tina, was diagnosed as Coeliac about 14 years ago – she has the DH version – and we, like so many others, found eating out socially or when travelling to be one of the bigger problems faced by Coeliacs.

When we went looking for Coeliac Friendly eating places we discovered that they were few and far between, especially in Northern Ireland where we live, so we decided to start compiling a list for our own use.

As the list developed it took on a life of its own and before long we were listing places all over Ireland!

I found myself with a bit of time on my hands and thought “Why not start a web site and make the list available to any Coeliac living in or visiting the island of Ireland. Surely they would find it a useful tool?”

That is how Gluten Free Ireland started and we now have the most comprehensive list of Coeliac Friendly venues covering the island of Ireland.

From our own experiences, both at home in Ireland and when travelling abroad, we know just how big a problem it can be to find suitable Coeliac Friendly accommodation, restaurants or even a cafe.

So, as the number of Coeliacs (or people with a Gluten Intolerance) increases we set to work to identify and list Irish establishments who describe themselves as “Coeliac Friendly” and we hope you find this Web Site a useful tool.
Gluten Free Ireland gives you the opportunity to plan your meals wherever you are on the island of Ireland. Whether you’re looking for Coeliac (Celiac) Friendly accommodation for a visit or a Coeliac Friendly restaurant for a meal Gluten Free Ireland is the directory that will help you plan ahead.

Every destination listed offers a Gluten Free option ranging from individually wrapped biscuits to a full Gluten Free menu with staff trained in Coeliac food preparation and ingredient storage.

Gluten Free Attractions

The Directory is your first stop for the complete directory of gluten free establishments.

If you’re thinking of a day out without the hassle of packing another “one-person picnic” go to Days Out. This is a special section devoted to entertainment venues from Aquariums to Zoos that offer Gluten Free food in their cafes.

Suggest a Venue

If you know of a venue that offers Gluten Free options but doesn’t appear in our database, suggest it for inclusion. If you’re not a member you can mention it on our social media channels.

Advertise with Us

If you are “Coeliac Friendly” you can advertise with us and reach the many Coeliacs who want to travel in Ireland and Northern Ireland and are searching the Internet hoping to find your type of venue or food.