Flambe Brandy and Pepper Sauce

If you’ve heard the phrase “deglazing” but never tried it, it’s good fun. Just mind your eyebrows (and anything else vertical of the pan). After you’ve cooked your steaks, lift them out of the pan and cover them. Pour in a good portion of brandy. If you’re working on gas beware of the fact that […]

Carrot and Celery Soup with basil and parsley

This is a nice soup which is good with soft or slightly dry gluten free bread and is easily frozen for baby meals. For the chicken stock, I used home made stock from the summer after boning a chicken and sweating the carcass with vegetables and adding boiling water (to make several litres which were […]


It was only this year that I discovered River Cobbler in Sainsbury’s but it turned out to be a great value fish. I’m a big fan of kedgeree and stir fries but I’ve always used smoked haddock. River Cobbler is quite similar and available plain or smoked but at £2 for two good size, skinned […]

My Top 7 Tips for a Chicken Roast

This is a bit of a cheat in gluten free terms. It’s all natural ingredients so there’s no substitutes or special sauces but I thought I’d share my top tips for a great roast and a delicious gravy base. Force butter under the skin. Take slivers of butter and push them up under the skin […]

Hot and Spicy… in a jar

I’ve just been trying out Sharwoods Bhuna sauce, “perfect for lamb but also great with chicken”. Tonight I wanted something spicy (to clear my wife’s head cold) but also tasty that went with chicken and preferably in under ten minutes. I microwaved 110g of Basmati rice for 11 minutes then snipped two chicken breasts into […]