Gluten Free Bread Mix

Address: Unit 3B, Augher Business Park, 9 Crossowen Road, Augher, Co.Tyrone
BT77 0AX

Gourmet Grub is a company that manufacture free from chicken goujons that are fully cooked and ready to eat.  Our products can be re-heated in an oven in 15-18 minutes.

Our chicken is sourced from Ireland locally and our ingredients used are blended in Ireland and are unique to us as they are our own recipes.  Our factory is based in Augher in the heart of the Clogher Valley in Co.Tyrone in a new state of the art premises.

Our goujons are cooked in rapeseed oil to make them low in saturated fat and our blends are low in sugar and salt.

We have created a new way to eat chicken in 8 fantastic flavours that are innovative and different for people who have intolerances to gluten, egg, dairy and nuts, in fact our range is completely allergen free.  The flavours we manufacture are plain crispy, rosemary & garlic, piri piri, salt chilli, southern fried, hot & spicy, chicken bhaji and chicken pakoras.


Address: Unit 5, West Street Business Park, Stamford, Lincs

Here at Hungry Scarecrow we specialise in blending gluten-free, additive free deliciously healthy bread mixes. We select ancient grains like Quinoa and Millet and carefully blend with just the right amount of fibre and starch to make the tastiest and healthiest gluten-free bread mixes available.

Ancient grains such as quinoa are not only very nutritious and high in protein but have a low glycemic index which is great for controlling blood sugar and beneficial for gut health.

If you miss eating artisan sourdough breads worry not. Our mixes don’t contain any of the nasty gums or thickeners so you can make a delicious sourdough from the mix.

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Address: 67 Lilburne Walk, London
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Tobia Teff is a family-run business based in North West London supplying and manufacturing Teff, one of the world’s healthiest and most ancient grains.

Tobia Teff source its conventional and organic Teff from places where strict EU agricultural rules apply regarding the extent to which fertilizer can be used when farming conventional Teff.

We stay true to our values of integrity and personalised service. All our products are handmade,  packed in our premises and our Teff bread mix is available on NHS and Private Healthcare prescription. (We are the only Teff supplier in the UK  supplying the Healthcare sector.)

We believe that sourcing healthy products should also keep our planet healthy so we use compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout our production line and are working towards a plastic-free environment at our London premises.