Coeliac Disease: what you need to know – NEW edition from Alex Gazzola

  Coeliac Disease: what you need to know – NEW edition! Written by Alex Gazzola There were late nights last autumn, when I set about trying to fully decipher upcoming changes to food allergen labelling laws, and what this would mean for consumers with food allergy, food intolerance and – especially – coeliac disease. Should gluten […]

Updated Guide to Coeliac Disease

If you haven’t seen it already, gluten free journalist and author, Alex Gazzola has published an updated edition of his popular book, “Coeliac Disease What You Need to Know”. This is an excellent guide for anyone new to Coeliac Disease or looking for the latest guidelines on labelling and diagnoses. Alex can regularly be found […]

How are you coping with the new Allergy Laws

How are you coping with the new Food Information for Consumers Regulation (1169/2011/EU) which became law on the 13th December last year? We have come across businesses where they have grasped the nettle, done the research and have systems in place to cope with the challenge. Well done to them! However, we also know of […]

Gourmet Kitchen Cook Book

Last October Jill at Gourmet Kitchen launched a cookbook in memory of a dear family friend who lost her battle to cancer. The cookbook is full of tasty simple recipes that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy,sugar,egg & yeast. The book costs €12.00 plus €2.50 postage and ALL proceeds from sales of the book are being […]

Gluten Free Article in Flavour Magazine

I have been reading through the latest edition of Flavour, my favourite Irish “Foodie” magazine. It’s full of interesting articles to do with the local food industry including recipes, restaurant reviews and general chitchat! Great for browsing over a cup of coffee! Of even more interest to us in the Gluten Free world I see […]