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County Meath

County Meath

Explore the beauty and excitement of Ireland and Northern Ireland with its’ rich heritage of stunning scenery, locally produced food and unique raw ingredients, all with gluten free accommodation and restaurants.

From five star dining to back street cafes, there’s a wealth of gluten free food to be found throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our exclusive database will give you access to over one thousand venues offering Coeliac friendly dining. It’s completely free. We also have a downloadable guide for use on e-reader devices. To get the download simply subscribe to our mailing list using the box at the bottom of this page.

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Choose from a great range of holidays from spectacular views of the County Antrim Coast, winding drives along the Ring of Kerry, live music in the pubs of Dublin or even a Game of Thrones Tour and match them to nearby accommodation. We also have the annual St. Patricks Day festival in Dublin plus St.Patricks Way, a historical route around Northern Ireland discovering the locations St.Patrick visited and stayed.

St. Patricks Day Festival
Game of Thrones filming locations

Pubs serving Gluten Free food
Giro D’Italia Route

If you’re flying into Ireland you can land at Dublin Airport or Belfast Airport in Northern Ireland for most international flights. There are also regional airports, a full list is available here.

Driving in Northern Ireland and Ireland is straightforward with signs in English (and Irish in Ireland). Northern Ireland road signs display miles per hour and follow UK road regulations. Ireland road signs are in kilometres per hour and follow Ireland regulations.

There are hundreds of accommodation providers offering gluten free food and thousands of cafes, restaurants and eateries catering for gluten free, particularly in the South of Ireland, notably Cork and Kerry. Dublin, Belfast and Londonderry also have a wide range of gluten free venues to choose from. Where possible we have included a link to the venue so you can see prices and book your stay. Always include details of your gluten free requirements when making a booking to ensure the kitchen and house staff are aware of your needs.

To find accommodation, use the search form below. Choose a county or city then an accommodation type or select multiple counties and venue types for a wider search.