Gluten Free Christmas Preparations

Enjoy the perfect Gluten Free Christmas with our guide to dinner preparations and recipes.

We’ve scoured the Internet, library books, met with chefs and asked our followers for their top Christmas tips to compile the complete guide to preparing for a gluten free Christmas.

Browse our collection of how-to videos, readers’ recipes and submitted tips, then add your own in the comments below to help other Coeliacs enjoy the perfect Christmas.
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Prepare Weeks in Advance

Gluten Free Christmas cakeChristmas Pudding
How-to video:
Gluten Free Suet:

Gluten Free Mincemeat (and Mince Pies)
How-to video:
Gluten Free Suet:
Gluten Free Psyllium Husk:

Christmas Cake
How-to Video:
Gluten Free Flour:

Prepare & Freeze a Few Days in Advance

Check the defrost time for your turkey. Large poultry can take 24 hours or more to defrost so don’t wait till Christmas eve or even Christmas day to check. Also check the cooking times so you know when to preheat the oven on Christmas morning. If you’re not cooking until mid morning on Christmas day, you can make the stuffing early in the morning.

Buy frozen gluten free sausages and keep them in the freezer. Look for “Cook from Frozen” on the pack so there’s no worry about defrosting times and leaving them out early. Just open the pack and cook them as you need them. Dohertys’ Meats make a great gluten free sausage and they’re available in major supermarkets and many smaller retailers.

Sausages wrapped in bacon:

Roast Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary
How-to video:

Glazed Carrots
Simple glazed carrots:
In-depth glazed carrots:

Cranberry Sauce
How-to video:

Christmas Eve

Take out any frozen foods required for Christmas day that aren’t “cook from frozen”. Decorate the Christmas cake and make the dessert trifle and brandy butter.
Make the stuffing for the bird and place it in the fridge.
Prepare starters and keep them in the fridge.
How to prepare a turkey:

Trifle Base
How-to video:
Brown Rice Flour:
Arrowroot Starch:
Palm Sugar:

Brandy Butter
How-to video:

Christmas Day

Cooking times for the turkey will depend on the size of the turkey and if it’s stuffed so adjust accordingly. The easiest way to keep on top of the days’ preparations is to write out a timetable and stick it to the fridge. Use a timer and set it for the next item, e.g. at 8am, set the timer to 30 minutes. When it beeps, it’s time to take the next action on the list. Over estimate the time required to allow for interruptions, toilet breaks and sampling. (Sampling is essential) 😉
For turkey cooking times see the SafeFood website:

Sample Christmas Day Timetable



Stuff the turkey or goose. Make balls of stuffing with any leftovers.
Set the table.
Stuff the turkey and prepare the onions.
How to stuff a turkey:


Begin steaming your Christmas pudding.
Preheat the oven.
Place turkey in the oven. (Keep basting it throughout the morning).
How to cook a turkey:
Turkey cooking times:


Cook the sprouts, potatoes, onions and pre-prepared root veg.
Make the gravy.


Cook the stuffing.
Turn the potatoes.


Take out the turkey and veg and allow the turkey to rest on a heated dish.
Cover the veg with foil to keep it warm.
Grill or oven cook the sausages wrapped in bacon.


Serve the first course.