Last updated: 08/11/17


Coffeemate Original, Light
Nescafe Azera Americano, Intenso, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha
Azera Iced Cappuccino
Azera Caramel Latte
Azera To Go Latte & Americano
Nescafe Alta Rica Alta Rica
Nescafe Black Gold Black Gold
Nescafe Blend 37 Blend 37
Nescafe Cap Colombie Cap Colombie
Nescafe Gold Sachets Latte Caramel
Latte Vanilla
Cappuccino Decaff
Cappuccino Original
Cappuccino Unsweetened
Double Choca Mocha
Cappuccino Unsweetened Decaff
Latte Irish Cream
Cappuccino Skinny
Latte Skinny
Cappuccino Strong
Nescafe Dolce Gusto All Varieties
Nescafe Espresso Espresso
Nescafe Fine Blend Fine Blend
Nescafe Gold Blend Standard, Barista, Decaff, Gold Crema
Nescafe International International Roast
Nescafe Original Standard, Decaff
Nescafe 3 in 1 Original, Strong, Extra Smooth
Nescafe 2 in 1 Original
Nescafe Shakissimo Shakissimo Latte Skinny
Shakissimo Latte Espresso
ShakissimoLatte Cappuccino
Nesquik Powder Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Hot Chocolate
Nestle Aero Hot Chocolate, Mint
Nido Milk Powder


Nestle Cereals –Go Free Gluten free Cornflakes, Gluten free Honey Cornflakes, Rice Pops, Coco Rice Pops
Nestle Harvest Home Choco Rice, Cornflakes, Crisp Rice


Aero Aero Peppermint Bubbles
Aero Milk Chocolate Bars & Sharing Blocks
Aero Peppermint Chocolate Bars & Sharing Blocks
Aero White Chocolate Bars & Sharing Blocks
Aero White Chocolate Bubbles
Aero Mousse Bar & Sharing Blocks
Aero Minis
After Eight After Eight Mints
Animal Bar Animal Bar
Black Magic Black Magic
Butterfinger Coconut, Peanut Butter
Caramac Caramac Buttons
Milkybar Milkybar Giant White Chocolate Buttons
Milkybar Milk & Crunchy
Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake
Milkybar Buttons original
Polo Polo Mints Original*
Polo Spearmint*
Polo Sugar Free Mints
Polo Fruits & Sharing Bag
Polo Clear Share Bag
Quality Street All Quality Street Sweets
Quality Street Orange Matchmakers Box
Quality Street Mint Matchmakers Box
Quality Street Honeycomb Matchmakers Box
Rolo Rolo Chocolate Sharing Block
Rowntrees Confectionery Rowntrees Fruit Gums*
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Original*
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles 30% less sugar
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Berries & Cream
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Froosions
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Strawberry & Blackcurrant
Rowntrees Randoms
Rowntrees Randoms 30% less sugar
Rowntrees Pick & Mix
Rowntrees Tooty Frooties
Rowntrees Jelly Tots*
Rowntrees Randoms Tandems
Toffee Crisp Toffee Crisp Chocolate Sharing Block
Walnut Whip Walnut Whip
Nestle Whip Whip Classic
Whip Caramel
Whip Mint

Maggi Sauces

Hot & Sweet Chilli
Masala Chilli

Maggi Seasoning

Seasoning cubes

Milks & Creams

Carnation Evaporated Milk
Light Evaporated Milk
Condensed Milk
Light Condensed Milk
Extra Thick Cream
Milk Pots
Carnation Chocolate
Ideal Evaporated Milk
Nestle Tip Top Cream
Tip Top Squirty Cream

Cerelac Infant Cereal

Cerelac Rice with Milk
Cerelac Rice & Maize
Cerelac Mixed
Vegetable & Rice with milk

Meritene Milkshake

All varieties

Meritene Soups

All varieties

Yoghurts, Fromage Frais and Desserts

Aero Mousse Chocolate 4x59g pots
Peppermint 4x59g pots
Double Chocolate
Aero Creations Chocolate
Aero Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Aero Heavenly Caramel Pecan Mousse
After Eight After Eight Dessert
After Eight Mousse with Chocolate Layers
Angry Birds Strawberry Yogurt
Milkybar Dessert
Little Treats 6 pots Fromage Frais
Milkybar Mousse
Nesquik Nesquik Duo Dessert
Munch Bunch Yogurts
Fromage Frais, variety pack, Strawberry
Strawberry & Banana
Strawberry/Raspberry Fromage Frais 30% reduced sugar
Strawberry/Banana Fromage Frais 30% reduced sugar
Squashums strawberry & raspberry, strawberry & peach
Double Up Vanilla/Straw, Strawberry & Peach
Double Up Straw/Rasp, Strawberry & Chocolate
Strawberry Mix
Jelly Delights Blackcurrant/Raspberry
Munch Bunch Strawberry & Raspberry Fromage Frais
Squashums Strawberry Fromage Frais Pouch
Squashums Raspberry Fromage Frais Pouch
Squashums Strawberry Drink
Huge Tubes Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana
Quality Street Toffee Penny Dessert
Green Triangle Crème Dessert
Rolo Rolo Milk Dessert,
Rolo Dark Dessert
Rolo Mousse
Rolo Crackin Dessert
Ski Mousse Lemon mousse
Strawberry Mousse
Raspberry Mousse
Passionfruit & Raspberry Mousse
Yorkie Chocolate Dessert
Yorkie Crackin Dessert