Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New YearIt’s New Year for the Chinese community and 2014 is the year of Wood and the Horse. Wood is one of the five elements and Horse is one of the twelve animals used in the Chinese calendar.

We have only six gluten free Chinese restaurants in our database (type “chinese” in the name search here) so do please tell us if you know of more. Contact us or post their details on Facebook or Twitter.

Ireland, North and South have a large and active Chinese community but Coeliac disease was not consideredt to be a widespread problem. A recent study however suggests Coeliac disease is more common in China than originally thought: https://www.wageningenur.nl/en/show/Prevalence-of-celiac-disease-in-China-higher-than-expected.htm

If you have any tasty gluten free Chinese dishes please share them with us and the community below.

For the Year of the Horse, we wish you a prosperous and healthy 2014.

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