These are a selection of links to societies, associations, bloggers and other outlets promoting or talking about Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance.

Societies & Associations

Asociacion De Celiacos De Madrid (ACM)
Asociacion De Celiacos De Malaga (ACEMA)
Association of European Coeliac Societies
Austrian Celiac Association
Canadian Celiac Association
Celiac Disease Foundation
Coeliac New Zealand (Inc)
Coeliac Society of Australia Inc
Coeliac Society of Ireland
Coeliac UK
Coeliac Youth of Europe
Danish Coeliac Society
French Association Gluten Intolerance
German Celiac Association
Gluten Free UAE
Greek Celiac Association
Italian Celiac Association
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Netherlands Coeliac Society
Norwegian Celiac Association
Polish Celiac Association
Portugese Celiac Association
Swedish Celiac Association

Touring within Northern and Southern Ireland

Gluten Free Ireland Facebook
Gluten Free Ireland Twitter
Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Pubs of Ulster
Walk NI

Useful Information

Celiac Corner
Celiac Facts - useful information
Coeliac Kids
Foods You Can
Gluten Free Faces
Nutritionist Resource

Business Services


Food Allergy & Intolerance Ink
Gluten Free Pubs in Dublin
The Gluten Free Photographer


Ali. V (Australian)
All Around is Gluten Free
Gluten Free Mom
Gluten Free Travel Site - for going abroad!
The Celiac Scene (Canada & USA)


Slainte Magazine