Planning a trip to Canada?

Canada is a very popular destination for many folks from Northern & Southern Ireland and if you are a Coeliac  planning a trip abroad we know it can be hard to know how you will cope in a foreign country! Here’s some good news! If travelling to Canada and Vancouver Island in particular may we point you […]

Does Breastfeeding Influence Coeliac Disease?

A new study, published in the international journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (PGHN)  shows breastfed babies have a lower risk of Coeliac disease compared to non breastfed. The study also showed that babies receiving gluten before six months of age, had a higher rate of Coeliac disease, compared to those receiving gluten in their […]

Make It Gluten Free – GF Flour from USA

Gluten Free Flours from the USA. Are you living in Ireland but from the USA and missing GF Flours you used to buy? Well, here’s some good news for you and anyone else keen to try a different make of GF Flour. At Make It Gluten Free they offer GF Flour baking mixes from two USA […]

Paul Hollywood says he’s “sceptical about the whole coeliac thing”

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood, was today talking to Wendy Austin on BBC Talkback, a local radio show on Radio Ulster about baking bread and in the course of conversation Wendy mentioned the problem that Coeliacs have with bread. Paul started his response by saying that he is “sceptical about the whole Coeliac thing”. He went […]

Have you got your money off vouchers & guide book yet?

Join the Gluten Free Ireland Members who are enjoying over €10/£10 off gluten free foods, gifts and household purchases with our subscription service. Members also receive a copy of our book, Eating Out in Ireland. It’s our entire database of over 900 Coeliac Friendly venues in a handy sized guidebook, organised by county and venue […]

GUEST BLOGGER: Robyn Hood, fighting gluten one day at a time

“Do you like Guinness?” “No” “Do you like Beer?” “No not really” “Well that’s good” The first words my college doctor said to me when I came to get the results of my blood test. It was actually a pretty good way to break the news, especially as I’d only gone along because the pain […]

Could you write for Gluten Free Ireland?

We’re always on the look out for new material and regular or guest contributions help build the website for everyone. As a guest blogger or regular contributor you will be exposing your writing to over 15,000 people per month from around the world. Our primary readership is Ireland followed by the UK (particularly Northern Ireland) […]