Coeliac Disease has a little sister – DH

We saw this article on Dermatitis Herpetiformis and reckoned it could be of some interest to our readers and boy, were we correct! We posted it on our Facebook page and within 18 hours it had reached over 7,250 readers and generated lots of interest. In case you don’t see our FB page we are […]

Make It Gluten Free – GF Flour from USA

Gluten Free Flours from the USA. Are you living in Ireland but from the USA and missing GF Flours you used to buy? Well, here’s some good news for you and anyone else keen to try a different make of GF Flour. At Make It Gluten Free they offer GF Flour baking mixes from two USA […]

PPC Galway Food Supplements

If you are interested in Food Supplements here is some very useful information from PPC Ltd in Galway. Eskimo-3 Eskimo oils are a range of high quality pure, natural fish oils suitable for the whole family. Omega-3 is vital for heart and brain function, but it can also be good for your skin, joints and […]

Take Part in the “Living with Coeliac Disease in Ireland 2015” Survey

Take part in this years’ survey and directly influence the gluten free food manufacturers, hospitality venues and health care providers with your experience of living with Coeliac Disease in Northern Ireland and Ireland. We have the same questions from 2013 so we can work out the improvement or decline in life for people with Coeliac Disease […]

Updated Guide to Coeliac Disease

If you haven’t seen it already, gluten free journalist and author, Alex Gazzola has published an updated edition of his popular book, “Coeliac Disease What You Need to Know”. This is an excellent guide for anyone new to Coeliac Disease or looking for the latest guidelines on labelling and diagnoses. Alex can regularly be found […]

Doves Farm – Buckwheat Flour

Following on from our article about Dove’s Buckwheat Flour this is the reply we received from their PR office:- Dear Derek, Thank you for your enquiry. We hope the following answers your questions. Doves Farm Foods manufacture and pack two different pack formats of buckwheat flour. One of these ( link here )  is intended for consumers […]

Zero Gluten Bread Making Machine

Baking gluten-free bread and cakes at home can be difficult and messy, but not anymore! Now you can enjoy freshly baked gluten-free bread and cakes every day with the Zero Gluten Baker by Imetec. With 7 gluten-free programmes, it offers a wide choice of bread and cakes to be baked, from crusty white loaves and […]

Are chefs doing enough for people with allergies?

A new EU law requires restaurants to give information on allergens in their food. Is this just Euro-silliness – or a necessary step? What do you think?

Caroline Quentin and Coeliac Disease

Caroline Quentin reveals her battle with Coeliac Disease – and how it’s thrown her career into chaos Read more:    

If you are hit by an “Emergency” how would you cope?

What If? If disaster or a crisis struck you right this moment and you had to evacuate your home could you grab an “Emergency Kit” that would keep you fed for the next 72 hours or maybe longer? Do you have a Coeliac spouse or children to consider – would you be able to cater […]