Europes’ First Full Gluten Free Craft Beer is from Cork

A craft brewery based in the Muscraí Gaeltacht in Ballyvourney, Co.Cork has launched Ireland’s first gluten-free stout and Europe’s first full range of gluten-free craft beers. The Stag Saor range, created by 9 White Deer Brewery, features five gluten-free craft beers including a Red Ale; a Pale Ale; an IPA; a Kolsch; and a Stout. […]

How to Make Puff Pastry Beef Roll

Here’s a new family favourite for week night dinners, or an impressive weekend party centrepiece. For more information on gluten free puff pastry, see our food lists and where to shop directory.  

HSCB Clarify Gluten Free Prescriptions

With the recent headlines surrounding the withdrawal of gluten free food on prescription in some areas of England, Coeliac sufferers across Northern Ireland have been left wondering if their prescription service is under threat. In January, the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, an NHS organisation serving around 175,000 people in South London, made the decision to […]

Claim Your Free Bar of Gluten Free Chocolate

Have you seen our free, gluten free food lists? Did you know you can also download them in a convenient PDF for use off line? Download yours today and you’ll get a free bar of chocolate in the post! The download is just £4.97 (€5.81) and gives you instant access to the food list. Then […]

How Well Do You Know Gluten Free Beer?

We’ve put together a few interesting facts about the world of gluten free beers.

New Gluten Free Beer Coming to the UK

Asahi, the maker of Peroni beer will launch its’ new gluten free beer, Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free in the UK this April. In a similar production method to Stone Delicious IPA (Indian pale ale), a US beer, Peroni uses enzymes to break down and remove the gluten at harmful levels. In the United States, […]

The Independents’ Top 10 Gluten Free Beers

Gluten free beers have been on the rise in the last few years, with brands such as CELIA Lager and Daura Damm working hard to bring their brands to the mainstream pubs and supermarkets. More brands from Europe and the US are slowly making their way into the UK and Ireland marketplace as demand increases. […]

Free Gluten Free Food Lists

Shopping for gluten free food is hard work at any time. If you’re shopping for someone else, on holiday or new to gluten free shopping then it’s a challenging experience. Experienced Coeliacs will know there are two main directories, the Coeliac Society of Irelands, and Coeliac UKs. These are the two main bodies dealing with […]

A Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

Regular YouTuber Bailey, is trying a gluten free chocolate cake for the first time.  

Which Gluten Free Cook Are You?

There are countless ways to make a sandwich. Here are four you might recognise. Let us know which one you are in the comments below. Please Note: Cobra beer isn’t gluten free, we had a prop shortage.